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name: Shay Norrie
trading name: Decorative Lighting Company
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member since: September 14 2007
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North Shore City
New Zealand (Aotearoa)
about them:

Decorative Lighting Company LTD

Decorative Lighting Company is a specialist supplier of out door lighting products. We stock innovative lighting ideas that are easy to install and add

stunning effects to landscaping, building exteriors, natural trees and water gardens.

Decorative Lighting Company has recognised the need for reliable, certified and safe lighting for

outdoor environments and can offer lighting effects that meet industry standards in Australia and

New Zealand.

From our Deco Light range of fairy lights thru to our hi end Wash lights, Decorative Lighting Company has a range of product to add ambiance and impact to any lighting display..

Contact us to quote or advise on lighting your project...

Tree and Building Landscapes, fairy lights,christmas lights, wash lights, decorative lights,marque lights,solar lights,LED lights,Wash lights,

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Founding Supplier - 1st year of Hire Things!!

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