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Hire Safe Guide

Thousands of incident-free transactions have been made safely on Hire Things.

Hire Things wants to make sure you can hire things out or in safely and with confidence!

Here are some things you can do
  • Get a deposit before the hire - this lets everone know the hire is confirmed and will go ahead
  • Get a bond - either in cash or in your bank account - to be refunded on safe return
  • Confirm correct contact details - address and phone numbers of hirer, plus location where goods will be used/based during the hire if different
  • Print and all parties sign the hire agreement for your hire - a copy for you and one for them.
    Once any hire is confirmed (status = ) in the Hire Things site, there will be a print hire agreement button to "print agreement" visible on the Hire Plana or job. Unless you have your own hire contract form, you should print out 2 copies and make sure everyone signs it at the start and end of every hire. See the Hire Things Default Hire Agreement
  • Ask for ID and write down the details on the hire agreement. Take a photo of their id if you wish
  • Explain everything that needs to be known about using your hire item - especially safe operation and care - and point out any existing damage or missing parts
  • Keep transactions within Hire Things - if dates change or extra gear is added, update the hire online so it is part of your agreement
  • Place feedback after and every hire, and even for hires that don't go ahead for any reason - it's all about acknowledging good people who look after things well and suppliers that are good to deal with.
    For confirmed hires, there will be a place feedback button where both parties can place feedback.

  • Your confidence in listing and lending on Hire Things is important to us.

    The Hire Things team.