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About Hire Things

Hi and Welcome to Hire Things

The team here believes we all have too many "things" - bought for lots of reasons...

  • Impulse buys
  • Things we 'might' need one day
  • Equipment for a sport or hobby we rarely do any more...

... and we don't want to sell them... especially for a fraction of their value,

...or we need something just for one day or one week - we don't have to rush out and buy them.

More and more people are looking to make smart choices for the environment and for their wallets. We don't need to own everything we want and we don't have to go without. It makes sense to share resources. We don't all need to own a lawnmower, a wheelbarrow, a trailer, that camping gear.

Hire Things gives you an online community where you can get more value from the things you own, save money by hiring instead of buying, make smart environmental choices and meet and help people in your community.

Hiring out your things means less being bought and ending up as landfill. As well as a bit of extra cash in your pocket, and savings in theirs, you meet local people you may not otherwise have met.

Hire Things is a safe and easy online environment where your neighbour can hire your trailer for the weekend and you can hire his tent and camping gear next week. Our simple booking system keeps track of your hire-ins and hire-outs, and our hire safe tips show you it's easy to share your things out and still keep you things looked after.

Make money, save money and make a difference with Hire Things.

We are based in Wellington, New Zealand.

The Team

Iona Elwood-Smith, Business development. Customer Services. Growing the Hire Things community.
Darryl Hamilton, Product Development Lead. Technical support.
Shoaib Ali, Product Development, Technical Lead, DevOps lead
Peter Torr Smith, Development and operational support.
Thanks to the many past contributors and team members: Nahum Wild, Paul and Sally Flewelling, Paul Gold, Tim Philips, Nick Wakelin, Eddie Stanley, Gaëtan De Brucker, Ken Foncé, Elicia Gold, Ira Ritchie Meek, Ken and Becky, and so many more :-)

Contact us


Hire Things (Let Use It Limited)
PO Box 19049
Marion Square
Wellington, 6141
New Zealand

From the archives...

Here's Hire Things in the Spanish national newspaper way back in 2008!