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Mega Math

Kevin Trudeau - Mr Mega Memory and Scott Flansburg - The Human Calculator present

Mega Math

(from the back cover)
'This unique perspective of math involves methods and shortcuts that will allow you, in a few hours, to do what once seemed impossible. This will be possible and can be learned by taking the Mehga Math program featuring the Human Calculator, Scott Flansberg.

This exciting learning program works for virtually everyone. You'll discover how easy it is to...

* add and subtract up to 4 digit columns
* divide using 2 mistake proof formulas
* multiply complex numbers
* solve difficult problems algebraically
* calculate challenging story problems
* figure percentages, square roots, cube roots and many, many more...

... Millions of Americans suffer from "Math Phobia" or an intense fear and dislike of math caused by the drilling methods we were taught in school. This program will help you overcome this phobia by introducing a faster, easier way to calculate; a method that is actually fun to learn.'

Authors: Scott Flansburg and Kevin Trudeau

$5.00 per week

Hiring Rates:
$5.00 per week
bond: $10.00

Location: Tawa, Wellington City, Wellington

Areas serviced: pickup only

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