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Temporary Airbrush Tattoo over 300 designs! + Airbrush Artist

Imagine your guests leaving your party with a real looking tattoo!!
Add spice to your party using "Temporary Airbrush Tattoos"
we have done major festivals and events- from Raggamuffin to Pasifika, having designs from the "playboy bunny" and 300 other designs, from tribal armbands, hip bands, dragons, to popular iconic designs....

You don't need to experience pain to get these! In under 2 minutes you'll have yourself a real life looking tattoo without the pain!

These airbrush tattoos are 100% safe only use FDA approved ink, safe on skin and able to come off with alcohol wipes- which can last from 3 days to a week..

Want to have your guests leave with a reminder of your party?
Add this facet to your next party to and leave your mark...
Set up comes with over 300 designs from small to extra large and lettering
and an airbrush artist.

$250.00per hour

Hiring Rates:
$250.00 per hour
$750.00 per 4 hours

Location: Botany Downs, Manukau City, Auckland

Areas serviced: New Zealand (Aotearoa) | Auckland

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