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Characters and Impersonators

“Amusing Impersonations” consists of key characters portrayed in their roles then personalized to your function for maximum enjoyment; choose from
“Mrs Doubtfire”, “Dr Evil”, “Apeman”, “The Gladiator”, “PaulHolmes”, “Captain Kirk”, “GIJoe”, “Grim Reaper”, “Goblin”, “Sadam Hussein”,
“Osam a BinLaden” and “Biggles”.
Richard Handleyoffers “The BalletHooligan”, “The CrazyWaiter”, “Artistic Director”, “The Jester”,
“Insecurity Man”, “Il Paparazzo”, “The Tourist”, “Garcon Gateau”, “NoGo The Clown”,
“HindustaniSwam i”, “The Detective”, “The Mad Hatter”, “Bruce W illis” and others on request

“The One and ManyFaces of Colin Parris” brings us “Dame Edna”, “Jack Nicholson”, “Dad’s
Army”, “Frank Spencer”, “The Muppets”, “Billy Connolly”, “Sam Hunt” and several other wellknown characters.
How abouta visitfrom “Elvis” (yes he’s alive!), “ParisHilton”, “Katie Holm es” orTom Cruise”,
complete with a crazy cast of Paparrazi?

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* price on application

Location: City Centre, Auckland City, Auckland

Areas serviced: pickup only

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