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Doubled triangle wooden wedding arch

$80 per hire period (4 days) or $25 per day

Also available for hire individually.
$60 per hire period (4 days) or $20 per day

free of charge

* this item has been listed as available free of charge
deposit: $30.00
bond: $30.00

Location: Browns Bay, North Shore City, Auckland

Areas serviced: pickup only

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terms of use:


1. Delivery of items
If delivery and or pick-up of items is required and the Hirer has agreed to this
service the hirer authorizes Sparkling Wedding Hire to bring its vehicle onto his
property to deliver and to recover the items at the end of the hire. Sparkling
Wedding Hire shall not be responsible to the hirer nor third parties for any
damage that may be done to driveways or underground services by any reason
of the weight of the vehicle.

Request for collection must be made by email or phone when the hirer has
finished with the items and by prior arrangement. Items must be packed up and
ready for loading. The client is still responsible for the items until it is picked up
from the site by Sparkling Wedding Hire.

2. Hire Period
Hiring commences at the time shown on this form which is the time the items are
collected from Sparkling Wedding Hire. The hiring shall terminate at the time the
items are receipted into Sparkling Wedding Hire, 28 King Richard Place, Browns
Bay, Auckland. Every 24 hours is considered as one-day hire period. Should the
hirer need to extend the hire period after collection/delivery of the items, contact
must be made by email or telephone and Sparkling Wedding Hire has the right to
decline the request.

3. Hiring Charges
The items can be hired on a daily rate or per hire period (4-day) rate, or another
rate by arrangement. The specific rate will be noted on the table on the hire
request form. The hire period is based on clause 2 above.

4. Injury of Damage to Hirer or Third Person
The hirer shall not have any claim against Sparkling Wedding Hire for loss or
damage suffered by the hirer as a result of the maybe hirer’s use to the
equipment and further the hirer will indemnify Sparkling Wedding Hire against
any claim by a third person in respect of any loss, injury or liability arising from
this hiring or arising out of the use of the items hired by the hirer.

5. Deposit
The deposit to confirm this booking is 25% of the total amount payable including
bond. Sparkling Wedding Hire do not hold items without a deposit. The amount
of deposit will be specified on the hire request form.

6. Collection and Return of the Items.
The hirer shall collect and return the items based on the dates and time agreed on
the hire request form.

7. Change of Circumstances/Cancellation
(a) Shall there be any changes to the collection date or time, the hirer must
contact Sparkling Wedding Hire by email or telephone at least 24 hours prior
to the pre-agreed collection time. Sparkling Wedding Hire has the right to
decline the new proposed hire date and cancel the contract.
(b) Any late return will incur additional fees, charges are based on the daily rate
of the items.
(c) Items may be swapped if the change is requested more than 14 days from the
hire date.
(d) In case of any cancellation, full refund of deposit and any payment made will
be given if the hirer gives more than 48 hours’ notice, or 50% of the deposit
will be deducted due to late-notice variation/cancellation.
(e) Any refunds will be made within 3 working days to the hirer’s nominated bank
account provided on the hire request form.

8. Payment
(a) The full amount of the hiring contract shall be paid to Sparkling Wedding
Hire bank account at least 3 days prior to the collection or delivery of the
items. Should the hirer extend or exceed the hiring period in this contract.
Additional charges are payable by the hirer promptly on return of the
(b) A bond is required before hiring commences and an appropriate refund
will be made to the hirer on return of the items in good order and
condition within 3 working days of returning the hired items. The amount
of bond will be determined by Sparkling Wedding Hire.

9. Care of Hiring items
(a) The hirer shall take proper care of the items in the event of the items
being damaged, the hirer shall pay to Sparkling Wedding Hire a sum
equivalent to the cost of making good said damage. In the event of the
items being damaged beyond repair or lost the hirer shall pay to
Sparkling Wedding Hire a sum equivalent to the cost of replacing the items.
(b) The hirer warrants that the competent and qualified to use the items in the
way in which it is designed.
(c) The items do not purport to be new stock, but all items are understood to
be in good condition and fit for use prior to collection/delivery.
(d) Sparkling Wedding Hire is not liable for any loss suffered by the hirer or
liability incurred by the hirer as a result of the breakdown of the items how
so ever caused.
10. The person signing this document for and on behold of the hirer (if not
personally the hirer) warrants that he has the authority of the hirer to make
this contract on the hirers behalf and that he is empowered by the hirer to
bind the hirer to this agreement. The person so signing hereby indemnities
Sparkling Wedding Hire against all losses and costs that may be incurred by
Sparkling Wedding Hire arising out of the person so signing the agreement
failing to have such power of authority.

11. No Assignment of Hire Agreement
In this agreement is personal to the hirer and is not capable of assignment by
them, and the hirer shall not sublet the items to any other person unless otherwise
agreed with Sparkling Wedding Hire.

12. No Warranties by Sparkling Wedding Hire
Sparkling Wedding Hire makes no warranty or representations as to the state,
quality of fitness of the hiring items for any purpose and no such warranty shall be
implied by the description of the items on the face of this form. All implied
warranties and conditions as to the state, quality of fitness of the equipment for
any purpose are hereby excluded.

13. Privacy Policy
In case of a person entering into this contract in a private capacity as hirer, the hirer
by entering into this contract understand their personal information is collected for
the purpose to execute this hire contact. The hirer has right of access to and
correction of personal information contained in this contract subject to the
provisions of the Privacy Act 1993.

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