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Stilt Walkers

"They are weird, they are wonderful and they tower over us ordinary mortals. If you don't get excited upon seeing a stilt walker, here's our advice - check your pulse. Jacqueline Watt of Tribal Fire Entertainment agrees. ''Stilt walking is exciting on many levels,'' she says. ''Kids love stilt walkers; to them it's like interacting with a big friendly giant. It's a great act to have for festivals...""

-NorWest News Editorial

Extras available such as a Circus stilt walking act, a Balloon twisting stilt walker, a fire performing Stilt walker or a Stilt walker that handing out lollies.

$70.00per hour

Hiring Rates:
$70.00 per hour

Location: Glenview, Hamilton City, Waikato

Areas serviced: Waikato

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Pricing may vary depending on availability of performers, extras added to the act, duration of the act and travel expenses.

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